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Hello and welcome to our invitation to join the 'Friends of the Big Band'.
We are very keen to build a good connection with our audience. 
This will allow us to build future programmes of wonderful music that
our audiences love to hear, in the best possible venues.

Email address for South Devon Big Band Subscribers:

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Here's what we will do

As a Friend of the Big Band  we will be asking you to complete the occasional 
anonymous survey and invite you to give feedback on certain topics. In return,
we will be offering you an email newsletter, early notice of our gigs and the chance 
to buy tickets, the opportunity to meet the band at rehearsal or backstage and 
to volunteer as a steward at a gig or in a behind the scenes role. 

There is no charge to join the Friends of the Big Band and you are free to leave at any time.
We will treat your personal data with the utmost of care according to national and our own
data protection policy.

We hope you will take this opportunity to get to know us better and complete the fields

Thank you for your time.
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